Gluten Free: Food List Of Surprising Gluten Sources In Your Pantry Or Fridge

You cleared the kitchen of any and all foods containing gluten – or so you thought. All But Gluten™ has a great and varied gluten free food list to make eating gluten-free easier, but do you know these commonly overlooked sources of gluten? Help educate yourself, your family, and your friends so that your gluten-free journey can be a successful one.

Gluten Free: Food List For Sneaky Gluten-Containing Products!

Gluten lurks in some surprising places, ready to strike at unsuspecting individuals with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. But where? Your favorite food item or condiment may be making you sick without you realizing it. Let’s get to the list!

–    Soups – That’s right. Your warm and comforting creamy soup very likely contains gluten in the form of wheat flour, often used to thicken liquids. Make your own creamy soups to avoid this sneaky gluten food.

–    Gravies and sauces – Chances are good that you shouldn’t be eating most store-bought or typical homemade gravies, as they are thickened with wheat flour. Many pre-prepared sauces also contain gluten within the thickening agent. Seek out gluten-free gravy in your grocery store, or make your own to ensure your safety.

–    Salad dressings – Who would have thought? Check your salad dressing labels carefully. Once again, gluten is used frequently to thicken up liquids, sauces, and salad dressings. Seek out a ‘gluten-free’ label.

–    Potato Chips – While many varieties of potato chips are gluten-free and labelled as such, many special variety chips (sour cream and onion, barbeque, etc.) use gluten as a binding agent to keep the specialty ingredients on the chip itself.

–    Frozen hamburger patties – This is a super sneaky one! Check your frozen hamburger patty labels carefully for 100% beef (meat). Wheat crumbs or wheat flour is used to help hold hamburger, meatballs, or meatloaf together. What looks like an unsuspecting burger could be making you sick!

–    Ice cream – This is a sad one. Sometimes we get too excited about the fact that ice cream appears to be safe, forgetting about the gluten that may be in the additives (cookie dough, cookie crumbles, cheesecake pieces, etc.) Even an innocent looking fruit ice cream may contain gluten.

–    Soy sauce – Multiple varieties of soy sauce do indeed contain gluten. It doesn’t seem like a likely place for wheat, but check your label!

–    ‘Processed in a facility that also processes wheat.’ – While a food may otherwise fit the gluten-free food list, this phrase renders it risky to eat for someone with Celiac disease. This phrase identifies the possibility of cross-contamination, and should be taken as seriously as a listing of wheat in the ingredient list.

How Can I Add To The Gluten-Free Food List?

Seek out labels that state the food is gluten-free, and even better, made in a certified GFCP gluten-free facility. These labels become your life raft in a sea of potentially risky food items.

All But Gluten™ provides a wide range of gluten-free food list items, guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds while keeping gluten away from your digestive system. These products can be found in many grocery stores and health food stores: click here for a list of locations where All But Gluten™ products are sold.

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