Gluten-Free Brownies – The Dessert Choice That Packs A Punch

Many people with Celiac disease miss their old dessert choices, which they can no longer eat because of the type of gluten-laden flour they contain. Cookies, cakes, pastries, pies, snack cakes, and brownies are seemingly off-limits, and gluten-free baking is intimidating with recipes often listing over 25 ingredients. However, a solution is in sight as the convenience foods market expands to include a wider variety of gluten-free foods, including some of your beloved and greatly missed dessert items.

Gluten-Free Brownies – Rich, Fudgy, And Delicious

Gluten-free brownies can be found in the gluten-free section of many grocery stores, and in the prepared snack aisle of many health and wellness stores. The label should clearly state ‘gluten-free’- but do they taste good? Some on a gluten-free diet hesitate to purchase prepackaged gluten-free food if they’ve had a previous negative experience with a particular brand or food item. Gluten-free brownies, however, provide a delicious treat in a small package. These delectable morsels of fudgy goodness satisfy even the strongest craving for chocolate, with only minimal effort required: opening the wrapper (YUM)!

Display Gluten-Free Brownies For Dessert At Your Next Party

Gluten-free brownies, such as those made by All But Gluten™, make a wonderful treat to bring along to parties, barbeques, or to dinner at a friend or family member’s house. Those who aren’t avoiding gluten can feel at a loss about what is ‘safe’ for those with Celiac disease to eat, and it would be appreciated to willingly bring along a dessert that you can consume with confidence. Even for a child’s birthday party, provide gluten-free brownies as an alternative to cake or cookies, and the kids likely won’t even notice that the brownies are gluten-free.

All But Gluten™ Offers Delicious Gluten-Free Brownies

All But Gluten™ offers certified gluten-free brownies in convenient, individually-wrapped packages, which can be found in your grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle. These tasty treats are ideal inclusions in a child’s lunch box (or your own). In the mood for a late-night snack, and nothing but chocolate will do? Gluten-free brownies fulfill your craving without risking your health. Gluten-Free brownies: finally, a treat you can feel good about.

All But Gluten’s™ unique, delicious and convenient gluten-free breads and sweet goods are the premier choice for those with Celiac disease and those following a gluten-free diet: click here for a list of locations where All But Gluten™ products are sold.

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