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Why are these products called “All But Gluten™“?

All But Gluten™ products have been formulated to be great tasting but without the gluten. Gluten is the general name for certain proteins found in the grains wheat, rye, barley, triticale, kamut and spelt.
All But Gluten™ products are free of gluten-containing grains and are made in a facilities and under conditions that guarantee they meet the FDA regulation to contain under 20ppm of gluten.
All But Gluten™ products are free of gluten-containing grains and are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.
Are All But Gluten™ products made in a dedicated gluten-free facility?

All product produced in North America are manufactured in dedicated gluten-free facilities and those imported are produced on dedicated lines that have been certified by their respective Celiac Societies in Europe.
Do All But Gluten™ products contain any diary products?

Some, All But Gluten™ products are dairy-free.
Do All But Gluten™ products contain eggs ?

Yes All But Gluten™ products do contain or may contain eggs except for the granola bars.
What does “may contain” mean?

“May contain milk ingredients” or “Manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts” on food product labels are examples of “allergen precautionary labelling”. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices in order to prevent any cross-contamination of allergens. Despite following best practices, we recognize that there is some increase in risk of unintentional introduction of undeclared allergens that are present. We list these allergens in a “may contain” statement.
Are your products suitable for a vegan diet?

No, our gluten-free products contain eggs.
Are All But Gluten™ products Kosher?

Except for the Granola Bars, the current remaining All But Gluten™ products are Kosher. The OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher is the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency, certifying more than 500,000 products produced in over 6,000 plants located in 80 countries around the world.
Where can I find All But Gluten™ products in the supermarket?

Traditionally gluten-free breads and other baked products have been found in the freezer sections of supermarkets due to shelf life issues. All But Gluten™ is unique in that it will be found in the fresh bakery section of the supermarket not the freezer case. For the gluten-free consumer this allows them a stroll down the aisles that have previously been off limits. They can conveniently prepare a sandwich, pizza or bruschetta, rekindling their love of baked goods without compromise! Amazing.
Do I need to toast All But Gluten™ breads?

To toast, or not to toast…the choice is entirely up to you! All But Gluten™ products are tasty either way. Our breads take a little longer to toast because they are nice and moist.
Living Gluten-free never tasted so good!
Does All But Gluten™ bread need to be stored in the freezer?

If you plan to eat the bread in a day or two it won’t need to be frozen. But we think you should keep it in the fridge to keep fresh as long as possible. Otherwise keep it in the freezer tightly wrapped and sealed in a good quality freezer bag or re-sealable tub. Look here for freezing and defrosting instructions.
Where can we buy All But Gluten™ products?

In fresh bakery aisles in Northern California Safeway Stores, you can purchase All But Gluten™ products.

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