Gluten-Free Muffins Are Now Available In Canada From All But Gluten™!

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Gluten-Free Muffins Are Now Available In Canada From All But Gluten™!

The exciting news coming from All But Gluten™ is that their popular and delicious Blueberry Gluten-Free Muffins will now be carried in stores all across Canada! For those eating gluten-free, whether for health reasons or because of personal choice, the introduction of any new gluten-free product is welcome news. Every addition to the range of products available makes life just that little bit easier, especially if there are children in our lives suffering from gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease. Not missing out on yummy goodness goes a long way toward making life without gluten a whole lot more enjoyable!

A Good Breakfast Is Vital, But Sometimes Tricky For Those Eating Gluten-Free

Since so many traditional breakfast options contain wheat, oats, and barley (which contain or may contain trace elements of gluten), finding a simple, quick, and tasty breakfast food can be challenging. Most cereals are out, but now you can make sure you have a stock of blueberry gluten-free muffins in your pantry! Served warm or cold, they make a great start to your day. They can also be served as dessert! Just slice them in half, use a spoon to scoop out the middle, and fill with gluten-free ice cream and some fresh strawberries and blueberries. Yum!

You can also simply pop them in your bag for a quick snack later in the day or include them in your child’s lunch box. But don’t be surprised when their friends start asking you to send extra, because these blueberry gluten-free muffins are not only indistinguishable from “regular” muffins, we think they’re even better! If you’re running late in the morning, just grab the car keys and your blueberry gluten-free muffins and you can easily eat breakfast on the way to work or to drop the kids off at school.

Now available in Canada, All But Gluten™ Blueberry Gluten-Free Muffins offer yet another great option in their range of Certified Gluten-Free Products. Visit the All But Gluten™ website to find your closest location where products are sold.

Gluten Free: Food List Of Surprising Gluten Sources In Your Pantry Or Fridge

You cleared the kitchen of any and all foods containing gluten – or so you thought. All But Gluten™ has a great and varied gluten free food list to make eating gluten-free easier, but do you know these commonly overlooked sources of gluten? Help educate yourself, your family, and your friends so that your gluten-free journey can be a successful one.

Gluten Free: Food List For Sneaky Gluten-Containing Products!

Gluten lurks in some surprising places, ready to strike at unsuspecting individuals with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. But where? Your favorite food item or condiment may be making you sick without you realizing it. Let’s get to the list!

–    Soups – That’s right. Your warm and comforting creamy soup very likely contains gluten in the form of wheat flour, often used to thicken liquids. Make your own creamy soups to avoid this sneaky gluten food.

–    Gravies and sauces – Chances are good that you shouldn’t be eating most store-bought or typical homemade gravies, as they are thickened with wheat flour. Many pre-prepared sauces also contain gluten within the thickening agent. Seek out gluten-free gravy in your grocery store, or make your own to ensure your safety.

–    Salad dressings – Who would have thought? Check your salad dressing labels carefully. Once again, gluten is used frequently to thicken up liquids, sauces, and salad dressings. Seek out a ‘gluten-free’ label.

–    Potato Chips – While many varieties of potato chips are gluten-free and labelled as such, many special variety chips (sour cream and onion, barbeque, etc.) use gluten as a binding agent to keep the specialty ingredients on the chip itself.

–    Frozen hamburger patties – This is a super sneaky one! Check your frozen hamburger patty labels carefully for 100% beef (meat). Wheat crumbs or wheat flour is used to help hold hamburger, meatballs, or meatloaf together. What looks like an unsuspecting burger could be making you sick!

–    Ice cream – This is a sad one. Sometimes we get too excited about the fact that ice cream appears to be safe, forgetting about the gluten that may be in the additives (cookie dough, cookie crumbles, cheesecake pieces, etc.) Even an innocent looking fruit ice cream may contain gluten.

–    Soy sauce – Multiple varieties of soy sauce do indeed contain gluten. It doesn’t seem like a likely place for wheat, but check your label!

–    ‘Processed in a facility that also processes wheat.’ – While a food may otherwise fit the gluten-free food list, this phrase renders it risky to eat for someone with Celiac disease. This phrase identifies the possibility of cross-contamination, and should be taken as seriously as a listing of wheat in the ingredient list.

How Can I Add To The Gluten-Free Food List?

Seek out labels that state the food is gluten-free, and even better, made in a certified GFCP gluten-free facility. These labels become your life raft in a sea of potentially risky food items.

All But Gluten™ provides a wide range of gluten-free food list items, guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds while keeping gluten away from your digestive system. These products can be found in many grocery stores and health food stores: click here for a list of locations where All But Gluten™ products are sold.

Gluten-Free Brownies – The Dessert Choice That Packs A Punch

Many people with Celiac disease miss their old dessert choices, which they can no longer eat because of the type of gluten-laden flour they contain. Cookies, cakes, pastries, pies, snack cakes, and brownies are seemingly off-limits, and gluten-free baking is intimidating with recipes often listing over 25 ingredients. However, a solution is in sight as the convenience foods market expands to include a wider variety of gluten-free foods, including some of your beloved and greatly missed dessert items.

Gluten-Free Brownies – Rich, Fudgy, And Delicious

Gluten-free brownies can be found in the gluten-free section of many grocery stores, and in the prepared snack aisle of many health and wellness stores. The label should clearly state ‘gluten-free’- but do they taste good? Some on a gluten-free diet hesitate to purchase prepackaged gluten-free food if they’ve had a previous negative experience with a particular brand or food item. Gluten-free brownies, however, provide a delicious treat in a small package. These delectable morsels of fudgy goodness satisfy even the strongest craving for chocolate, with only minimal effort required: opening the wrapper (YUM)!

Display Gluten-Free Brownies For Dessert At Your Next Party

Gluten-free brownies, such as those made by All But Gluten™, make a wonderful treat to bring along to parties, barbeques, or to dinner at a friend or family member’s house. Those who aren’t avoiding gluten can feel at a loss about what is ‘safe’ for those with Celiac disease to eat, and it would be appreciated to willingly bring along a dessert that you can consume with confidence. Even for a child’s birthday party, provide gluten-free brownies as an alternative to cake or cookies, and the kids likely won’t even notice that the brownies are gluten-free.

All But Gluten™ Offers Delicious Gluten-Free Brownies

All But Gluten™ offers certified gluten-free brownies in convenient, individually-wrapped packages, which can be found in your grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle. These tasty treats are ideal inclusions in a child’s lunch box (or your own). In the mood for a late-night snack, and nothing but chocolate will do? Gluten-free brownies fulfill your craving without risking your health. Gluten-Free brownies: finally, a treat you can feel good about.

All But Gluten’s™ unique, delicious and convenient gluten-free breads and sweet goods are the premier choice for those with Celiac disease and those following a gluten-free diet: click here for a list of locations where All But Gluten™ products are sold.

Helping Friends And Family Members Understand Why You Can Only Eat Gluten-Free Food

When you start sharing with friends and family members that you have Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, it’s common that they think it’s just a fad, a phase, or something that isn’t critical to your health or well-being. It’s important to relay some crucial facts about gluten and its effects on your body and immune system. The more information that your family and social circle understands about your condition, the more willing and able they will be to accommodate for it.

Gluten-Free Food Is More Than Just A Fad For You – It’s A Requirement

Start by explaining that Celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder that damages the small intestine and interferes with the digestion and absorption of foods. Foods containing gluten actually cause further harm to the intestine, leading to stomach pain, digestive distress, constipation or diarrhea, and an overall ill feeling. These symptoms vary depending on the individual’s sensitivity to gluten, and can last for days or even weeks with a single exposure to gluten.

Where Is Gluten Found, And What Is Being ‘Contaminated?’

Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and spelt. Any food, beverage, sauce, spice, powder, or other item that contains any derivation of wheat, barley or rye contains gluten. This rules out breads, cookies, cakes, most sauces and creamy soups, beer, and many other common foods.

Explaining to a friend or family member what it means to be contaminated can be very enlightening to them. Even something as seemingly innocent as a stray crumb or using the same cooking utensil is enough to expose a person to gluten. Common sources of contamination include:

  • Sharing cooking prep surfaces, such as cutting boards
  • Sharing cooking surfaces and utensils, such as knives, spatulas, pots, and pans
  • Sharing tubs of spreads, such as margarine, jam, or peanut butter
  • Sharing toasters or toaster ovens
  • Using oil that already cooked a food with gluten (breaded chicken tenders, etc.)
  • Missing gluten on an ingredient list
  • Eating a food that was cross-contaminated in the manufacturing process

Finding Gluten-Free Food Is Becoming Easier

Share with your friend or family member that they can easily help you avoid gluten by either allowing you to provide your own gluten free food items, or by choosing to purchase pre-prepared gluten food products for you. Gluten-free food is becoming more readily available in mainstream grocery stores, and the varieties and tastes are also steadily improving.

All But Gluten™ gluten-free food items are tasty and certified gluten-free, made in a facility that has been tested to be gluten-free. Click here for a list of locations where All But Gluten™ products are sold.

Why Are Easy Gluten-Free Recipes For Snacks So Hard To Find?

If you’re a person with Celiac disease or just discovered that you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, one thing you’ll notice right away is that many gluten-free snacks require a lot of preparation time. You may spend hours scouring the Internet for easy gluten-free snack recipes, and getting frustrated as you come up short. But what makes gluten-free snack recipes so hard to find?

Gluten-Free Snack Recipes:

It’s surprising to many people when they go grocery shopping and can no longer eat many of their preferred snack foods. How come? Most mainstream snack foods are laden with gluten-containing ingredients: flour, wheat, and oats. Grocery shopping can feel like navigating a minefield, leaving those with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity searching high and low for easy gluten-free snack recipes.

Make Your Own Gluten-Free Snack: Recipes And Tricks

The easiest thing to remember when it comes to easy gluten-free snack recipes is to go with food closest to its natural form: fruit, vegetables, or protein. Many with Celiac disease choose hard-boiled eggs with cheese, a fruit platter with cream cheese dip, fresh vegetables with dip, or a protein shake. These options provide a quick solution when you don’t have time to cook.

All But Gluten™ Provides An Alternative To Time-Consuming Gluten-Free Snack Recipes

If you’re looking for something that’s more of a grab-and-go snack (like what you used to eat before cutting out gluten,) All But Gluten™ offers a variety of gluten-free snacks that curb your hunger and satisfy your cravings. From gluten-free granola bars to cookies, brownies, and snack cakes, All But Gluten’s™ individually-wrapped snacks are found in many grocery stores and health food stores. With a taste that makes you feel like you’re not sacrificing anything, these snacks are certified gluten-free.

All But Gluten’s™ proprietary gluten-free snack recipes are quick, easy, and accessible: click here for a list of locations where All But Gluten products are sold.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas Including Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins And More!

What was a common breakfast for you before finding out you had Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? We’re guessing it might have been a bagel, a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin, some cereal, pancakes, or maybe some French toast. The vast majority of go-to breakfast foods are not gluten-free, leaving many with a non-celiac gluten sensitivity wondering what options they have for breakfast with their new eating constraints.

Idea #1 – Keep It Simple – Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

When rushing around in the morning people are looking for breakfast they can just ‘grab and go.’ While commuters get used to stopping at their favorite coffee place en route to work and ordering a breakfast sandwich or donut, those with a gluten sensitivity don’t have that luxury. Instead, great gluten-free breakfast ideas include some gluten-free cereal with a side of gluten-free blueberry muffins, which provide an excellent source of yummy breakfast goodness.

Idea #2 – Traditional Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

If you have a little more time to cook your breakfast, consider making omelets with your choice of veggies, meat, and cheese throughout. Add a side of homefries and a glass of orange juice, and you’ve got a fulfilling morning meal. Another of our go-to indulgent gluten-free breakfast ideas is breakfast sausage with eggs over easy, along with a side of gluten-free bread toasted with melted butter or margarine. Yum!

Idea #3 – Please The Kids With These Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

Sprinkle some powdered sugar over the top of some gluten-free French toast, made with delicious gluten-free bread and swimming in maple syrup. Alternatively, make fun shapes with gluten-free pancake batter, top with strawberries, blueberries or sliced bananas and make breakfast fun and tasty each day.

All But Gluten™ – Helping You With Gluten-Free Breakfast Food

All But Gluten™ has numerous certified gluten-free products that make for an amazing gluten-free breakfast. From gluten-free blueberry muffins to several varieties of gluten-free breads, there’s something for every family member. Click here to find out where you can find All But Gluten™ products in your area.

5 Ways To Work Around A Gluten And Dairy Free Diet

Is if trying to eat gluten-free wasn’t enough, now you discover that you have to follow a gluten and dairy free diet! Have no fear: your menu can still be rich in taste and fulfill your need for satisfying foods. Where do you start? All But Gluten™ offers the following five tips to help you cope with eating a gluten and dairy free diet.

#1. Substitute Soy Or Almond Milk For Regular Milk

Enjoy your fave gluten-free cereal or gluten-free granola with milk again: just not regular lactose-laden milk! Most grocery stores now carry several varieties of milk that are not only creamy and delicious, but meet the restrictions of your gluten and dairy free diet. Try almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk and still enjoy the food combinations you love, without the discomfort that lactose may cause.

#2. No More Cheese? Experiment With New Spices

Yes, we know that not being able to eat cheese is a very sad affair. However, your meals can still be incredibly tasty! Search your grocery store’s spice aisle to find new and exciting spice blends. Visit a gourmet cooking store for even more varied and exotic choices. Many blends exist that are pre-mixed to mimic popular ethnic tastes, such as curry, Asian five spice, Mediterranean, and Greek. Surprise your taste buds, and you may no longer even miss cheese!

#3. Seek Out Frozen Fruit Bars As Part Of A Gluten And Dairy Free Diet

Unfortunately, ice cream is out when you’re following a gluten and dairy free diet. Don’t despair, however. You can still fulfill your frozen food fantasies with frozen fruit bars and fruit popsicles. If you don’t enjoy the sugary popsicles of your youth, there are now fancy fruit popsicles that contain real pieces of fruit. These are sure to satisfy those ice cream cravings!

#4. Stumped On Main Courses? Stick To Basics

Meal planning doesn’t have to be more difficult on a gluten and dairy free diet. Focus your main courses around the standard protein, starch, and veggie combination, and you’ll be pleasantly satisfied. Many people are surprised that they can still eat rice and potatoes on a gluten and dairy free diet, but you definitely can!

# 5. Seek Out Pre-Packaged Foods With Gluten-Free Labels

Many products geared specifically toward gluten-free diets also conform to allergy-free and dairy-free restrictions. Check labels carefully, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that many of your go-to gluten-free convenience foods are also dairy-free.

All But Gluten™ – Helping With Gluten And Dairy Free Diets

All But Gluten™ offers a range of products that are gluten-free and convenient, many of which are also dairy-free and kosher. Enjoy classics such as coconut macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, and mini brownies with no guilt. Not sure where to find All But Gluten™ products? Click here for a comprehensive list of locations where All But Gluten™ products are sold.

Need Gluten-Free Snacks For School? 2 Snacks That Are Easy And Portable

Parents who needed gluten-free snacks for their children to take to school used to have to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen baking everything from scratch. However, there are new options from All But Gluten. Learn more about two delicious options — snack cakes and soft raisin cookies — that are highly portable.

Gluten-Free Snacks: Chocolate, Vanilla And Strawberry Snack Cakes

Everyone loves a sweet snack cake and All But Gluten has three different options to ensure that there’s a great snack for every taste bud. Layers of delicious cake sandwich with a crème filling and entirely dipped in a chocolaty coating. Each snack cake is packaged individually so it’s easy to grab one for a snack as you’re running out the door to get the kids to school on time. Choose from strawberry, vanilla or chocolate — deciding which one is your favourite is the hardest decision you’ll have to make!

Gluten-Free Snacks: Soft Raisin Cookies

Nothing says snack time like a soft cookie and All But Gluten offers delicious raisin cookies that are so good your kids will ask for one every day. These soft raisin cookies are packaged in a bag, which makes them ideal if you’re in charge of providing easy gluten-free snacks for the entire class.

If you’re looking for gluten-free snacks and foods, turn to your local grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle. Please click here to find a store near you that carries All But Gluten products.

Need Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes? Consider Quinoa Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

If your family eats gluten-free foods, it can seem like your dinner choices are limited. When you’re looking for something different that your whole family will enjoy, consider a quinoa stuffed pork tenderloin.

Gather The Ingredients For Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes

First, gather the ingredients necessary for your gluten-free dinner recipes. For the quinoa stuffed tenderloin, you’ll first need to make the stuffing. Chop up an apple, half an onion, two cloves of garlic plus a handful of mushrooms and sauté everything in a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Once the onions and apples are softened, toss in some raisins and mix with a cup of cooked quinoa.

Cut a pocket into the pork tenderloin and place the stuffing into the pocket. Then season the outside of the tenderloin with a little bit of cinnamon, salt and pepper to taste. Place everything in a baking dish and roast for about 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees. The pork needs to be cooked until it’s no longer pink.

Looking For Side Dishes To Go With Your Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes?

Side dishes can help enhance your meal, but it can be hard to find some that are gluten-free. Vegetables roasted in a little of olive oil and lemon juice and tossed with breadcrumbs made out of a gluten-free bread are a healthy and a gluten-free option.

Don’t Forget About Dessert

No meal is complete without a little sweetness at the end. If you’re in the mood for a little treat, consider All But Gluten’s chocolate chip cookies. They’re so good, you’d swear they were baked right in your own kitchen.

To learn more about products from All But Gluten that can enhance your gluten-free dinner recipes, please click here.

Start Your Morning Off Deliciously With A Gluten-Free Breakfast

If you’re not eating breakfast, you’re missing out! Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast on a regular basis are able to concentrate better, have energy to get through the day and even have an easier time losing weight. If you’re looking for a gluten-free breakfast, consider delicious cinnamon raisin toast or blueberry muffins.

Gluten-Free Breakfast: Cinnamon Raisin Toast

The cinnamon raisin loaf from All But Gluten is so tasty, everyone in your family is sure to love it. It’s packed full of plump raisins and a sweet cinnamon swirl that will keep your body fueled until lunchtime. The cinnamon raisin loaf is also dairy-free and kosher and it’s a good source of five different vitamins and minerals. The cinnamon raisin loaf can be found in your grocery store’s fresh bakery section.

Gluten-Free Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are found in nearly every coffee shop, but if you’re looking for a gluten-free breakfast, your choices are probably limited. Instead of baking your blueberry muffins, turn to your grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle. Here you’ll find All But Gluten’s blueberry muffins. These muffins are packed full of delicious blueberries and they’re packaged six to a pack so you’ll be able to enjoy a gluten-free breakfast whenever you want.

If you can’t find your favorite gluten-free breakfast items in your local grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle, check back frequently because we are always adding new grocery store chains each month. To find a store near you that carries the All But Gluten line of products, please click here.

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