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Need A Gluten-Free Bread? What Are Your Options

If your family needs a gluten-free bread, you probably know that you have a couple different options when it comes to bread for your family. All But Gluten outlines these choices here to help you make the best decision as to which one is right for your family.

Need A Gluten-Free Bread? You Can Bake Everything From Scratch

Probably one of the most common solutions is baking breads entirely from scratch. When you bake everything at home, you can be sure that the recipe doesn’t call for any gluten. However, baking from scratch can be time consuming, which means it’s not an option for many families. Additionally, it can be complicated — breads require a certain scientific touch in order for them to rise properly.

Need A Gluten-Free Bread? Check Your Grocer’s Freezer

Another option is to buy gluten-free bread from your grocer’s freezer. Breads from the freezer can taste freezer burnt and stale, though, and buyers have no way of knowing just how long that bread has been in the freezer.

Need A Gluten-Free Bread? Look In Your Grocer’s Bakery

Finding a gluten-free bread can be as easy as looking in your supermarket’s bakery department. Here shoppers will find All But Gluten, that’s conveniently available in the fresh bakery aisle of the grocery store to buy and tastes great too. All But Gluten is currently carried in selected Safeway stores.

If your local grocery store doesn’t carry All But Gluten, check back frequently as we are expanding to new grocery chains across the country every month. To find a store that carries All But Gluten near you, please click here.